Global Seedizens



With a rising number of racial conflicts in the U.S., appropriate culture education is needed more than ever. We went straight to the earliest years where most children are able to retain such education—Elementary school years. Our findings are unfortunately alarming. Average public elementary schools in the U.S. lack culture appropriation courses. Most schools offer an after-school seminar only when incidents occur. We wanted to create a platform that help increase global awareness and acceptance of different cultures among young students in order to create understanding in our increasingly diverse communities. 



Three Offerings

After an extensive research and countless interviews with parents, teachers, and educational experts, we developed the Global Seedizens. At Global Seedizens, we deliver multicultural education lessons through three various channels: after-school programs, curriculum toolboxes, and summer camps


Logo Evolution

As we narrow down our target user and brand voice, the old logo no longer conveys our core value, nor does it portray our brand image. The old logo, according to both parents and children, is cold and corporate-like; some even mistaken us to an agricultural organization.

We re-engineered our identity to be more approachable and kid-friendly. The new logo is much more well-received among our audience. 


Mobile Mockup

We created a mobile website using Marvel, and showed it to our potential stakeholder for feedback. You can view all pages here.


Classroom Experiments

The next obvious step was testing with real customers, so we led a lesson with kids in a real after-school class setting. We were able to offer our classes three times; each class modified with feedback gathered from previous classes. 


Final Presentation

We presented our final rendering of our courses, summer camp schedule, and toolbox along with swags and posters, at the graduation show as our final thesis. Many teachers and parents who visited our booth were eager to sign up their children once this becomes a reality.